Used Uniforms

Uniform Requirements


SHJSHS has established a requirement for uniform dress for the following purpose:

  • To promote an atmosphere of discipline and learning to enhance academic achievement.
  • To value students for their character by providing an equal socio-economic footing for all.
  • To foster the school's sense of "community" by enhancing school pride and student self esteem.


Uniform polos, sweatshirts or sweaters must be purchased from:

Schoolbelles     SHHS Code=S2839

650 N. Carriage Parkway #85 Outlet 10

Wichita, KS  67208   1-888-637-3037


Uniform shorts, pants or skirts may be purchased from:

Lands' End   SHHS Code=900144478

Lands' End Sizing Guide


Girls Uniform :

Skirt - navy blue or khaki, pleated

Pants - navy blue or khaki

Shorts - navy blue or khaki

Shirts - white, navy, or burgundy polo

(long or short sleeved)

Boys Uniform:

Pants - navy blue or khaki

Shorts - navy blue or khaki

Shirts - white, navy, or burgundy polo

(long or short sleeved)

Used Uniforms:

Used uniforms are available for purchase
at the school for a purchase price of $5.00
per item unless otherwise specified.  Contact
the SHHS Office at 827-4422 to make an


FOR BOTH GIRLS AND BOYS - navy blue monogrammed sweatshirt or sweater.

  • All polo shirts will be monogrammed by Schoolbelles.
  • Belts are required.  No "extraordinary" belts or other accessories will be allowed.  Belts are to be traditional with a buckle.  No ropes or unusual wrap around will be permitted.  Chains, hooks, keys, rings, wallet chains, or any such items hanging from the person are not acceptable or permitted.
  • Socks or hose are required.  No distracting colors allowed.
  • Open-toed sandals must have a heel strap.  No flip-flops are allowed.  Moccasins, bedroom slippers and other soleless shoes are not allowed. 
  • Skirt lengths must cover the knee.
  • Shorts may be worn the entire school year but must be of appropriate size.  No sagging of shorts or pants are allowed.  All shorts and pants should be clean and in good condition.  No rips, tears or holes allowed.  All shorts need to have at least a 7" inseam.
  • No v-cuts in uniform pants or shorts are allowed.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  A white, black, navy and grey undershirt may be worn under the uniform polo as long as it contains no visible lettering.  Long sleeved undershirts may be worn but must be white or the identical color of the polo being worn--(Red, light or royal blue undershirts are not allowed).  A uniform shirt must be worn under the sweater.  No coats, jackets, or non-uniform outer wear are allowed in the classroom.
  • Gym clothes, as designated by the instructor are required for gym and weight class.
  • No hats, caps, bandannas, or sunglasses are allowed during the school day.
  • All students must comply with the uniform requirement on their first day of school.
  • Visible body piercing and tattoos are not allowed.  Young ladies are permitted to wear earrings as long as they do not present hazard of injury, cause disruption or a distraction.  Young men are not to wear earrings at school or school activites.
  • Hair should be clean and well-groomed and close to a natural color.  Non-natural hair coloring is not permitted. (Ex. Orange, purple, red streaks, multi color or other unnatural colors).  Excessive jewelry or hair accessories are not to be worn.
  • No rolling down of waistbands.


Dress Code Violations:

Any student found to be in violation of the dress code policy may be sent home to change.  Any school time missed will be made up after school and a school detention assigned.  The school administration reserves the right to decide if a student's attire and appearance is inappropriate, offensive, distracting, or gang related.

Athletics, after School Activities and Field Trips:

All students participating in athletic events and/or any sanctioned activity in which they are representing SHJSHS must be in uniform, unless other clothing is deemed more appropriate by the sponsor or the coach, and is approved by the administration.

General Dress Regulations that apply to after-school activities are: 

  • Clothing must be neat and clean.
  • Any clothing article with sexually suggestive writing, pornography, or advertisement of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drugs is prohibited.
  • Skirts lengths must cover the knee.  Shorts of good quality will be permitted as long as they are hemmed at an appropriate length.  Boxer shorts or v-cut shorts are not acceptable.  Spandex shorts may be worn, but only when accompanied by outer shorts.  In all cases, the outermost garment will determine the overall length.
  • No clothing or objects may be worn that indicate affiliation with a gang or gang activities.

The school administration reserves the right to decide if a student's attire is inappropriate, offensive, distracting and is in violation of the dress code.  Repeated violations may lead to suspension.


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