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Sacred Heart Jr/Sr High School



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SignUp Genius


Click here to view all the signups available.

Parent Procedure for using Sign Up Genius

  1. To locate the Sign Up for an event, the parent will get an invitation from the event sponsor via email or Swift. 
    1. The parent can also find all available Sign Up opportunities by going to the school’s website and clicking on the Sign Up Genius link under the Resources Tab. 
  2. Click the link embedded in the invitation or go to the Sign Up in the list of Sign Ups on the school’s website that you want.
  3. Search through the list of dates to find the date and time slot that works for you.  You can also see available dates in a list view by clicking the icon at the top right of the slot column.  You can then click on a specific date to see only the available slots for that date.


  1. Once you find the date, time slot and job you want to sign up for, click the “Sign Up” button for the position volunteering for.
    1. Click “Save and Continue”


  1. Parents can either create an account or continue signing up without an account.  (See “Advantages of an Account” below).

    View when not signed into an account.


    View when Signed in


  2. Enter the required information of the person who is going to work the event.
  3. Answer the questions about scholarship requirements and if the person signing up is a parent or a student. 
    1. Note when Adults are needed
      1. Adults should not sign up if the position requests a student and vis versa.
      2. If no distinction is listed, then either one can sign up.
  4. Click on “Sign Up Now”
  5. Check your email for a confirmation of your Sign Up.
  6. Show up at the time you signed up for.


Advantages of signing up with an account:

  • You can see all your invitations right in your account
  • You can see a calendar of all the events you signed up for all in one place.
  • You can edit your sign up or delete it easier.
  • It will automatically populate the name with the account holders name. You can change the name of the person who is working the event if it is different than the account holder.